Drive Scrubber Can Be a Solution

Hard disk dissection
Hard disk dissection (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

Recently the proliferation of sex scandals is rampant.  I am amused that it has become word of mouth that they were generated because their PCs were sent to shops to be repaired and someone must have gotten hand on the file.  They probably need a program to erase hard drive before sending them to these PC doctors.  Just to be sure, you know, so that the files will not be stolen and let others feast on it (especially that of a sex video file).

Drive scrubbers are advertised as programs that can permanently erase files, pictures, passwords and more.  While in the news a computer expert was heard saying there will always be a way and it is not true that these data will be permanently wiped and the hard drive will be restored to its near-new condition, PC owners must be very discreet when it comes to personal files such as sex videos.  These files will require utmost precaution not to let others have them, unless the purpose is really not to keep them out of others’ sight.

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