And then there’s the wig

Will you ever consider wearing a wig, especially with types like these revlon wigs that really look natural or real hair?

Wigs (Photo credit: modhousewife)

I might wear a wig someday. Who knows?  Just the other day son and I were talking about receding hair lines. He was wondering if he’s going to have a receding hair line someday.  I told him he will never know even if today he has thick hair.  Wearing a wig will not be an option, of course for him, or let a crater be seen on top of his head.  He emphatically said he will sport a bald look instead before parading with a ‘monk’s hair’ or a ‘shaggy’. 😀

In a party last year, I tried on a long wig and it really didn’t feel nice even if the wig looked natural.  It also felt uncomfortable perhaps because I haven’t experienced wearing one.  Perhaps the human hair wig will make a difference as they were said to be more natural looking.

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