Celebrating Daryl’s 21st Birthday

Instead of a big party, we chose to celebrate Daryl’s 21st birthday, an age which is like debut for young men, simply.  There was an advance celebration last Sunday with the family – a barbecue party.   Daryl missed this kind of gathering with the family a lot so we prepared barbecued liempo, grilled hotdog (for the kids),  shabu-shabu, Thai pomelo salad, halabos na hipon, and banana con yelo con ice cream.

It’s Daryl’s character to celebrate simply with friends and family.  He’s a young man who goes for simplicity always.  He would not be into grand celebrations probably because one gets to enjoy the event more than celebrating it with people he is not close to or friends with.

Anyway, the barbecue party was a success, methinks.



Dogdog showed off after the sumptuous lunch seeming to know that there is reason to do so.


On Wednesday night, it was Papsie’s treat to let us have dinner at Yabu House. It was a very nice experience. We all agreed that the news about the food outlet was an over-hype but we enjoyed it just the same.


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