Where to Find Used College Books

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We used to buy or rent used college books at Recto when we consider saving a few pesos that could be used for our other needs.  The improvised bookstores in that place offer the best deals as the books are sold at the lowest prices.

As the phrase implies, used college books are those secondhand books, nearly new or old, that still serve as references or resources for college subjects, school reports and projects, and position papers.

In the US, there are established stores for these kinds of books sold for students whereas in the Philippines, some of these small stores are makeshift ones, found in nooks or corners and usually along the university belt.

Recently, online stores in the Philippines now offer these used books that could be bought or rented at cheaper prices.

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4 thoughts on “Where to Find Used College Books

  1. When I was in college, I barely had enough money to buy new textbooks – I got by buying used textbooks from upper classmen and second hand bookstores. I didn't know that now you can rent them.


  2. hello, bertN! how are you? also did not have enough to buy new books when i was in college. i frequent the library though because that time either i borrow or go to the library. at that time, books cannot be rented. today, there are improvised 'book stores' that lets one borrow. 🙂


  3. i did not have my parents go ask for used textbooks. those times, ECL, i borrow or go to libraries. i was strictly on my own that time. 🙂


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