I need a body massage (maybe)

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
Massage in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not one of those head and neck pillows could ease the nagging pain in my back, left portion.  Sometimes there is heaviness felt at the neck area, too.  These pillows are just preventive tools that protect the spine, provide comfortable sleep, support posture and distribute weight evenly, or provide fresh air circulation.  I am thinking that maybe because I am hypertensive that is why I am feeling these things but I have maintenance drugs making me skeptical about the relevance of the pain to hypertension, but I am not disregarding the possibility.

What I desire intently is a body massage, if possible, a full-body massage with concentration on the back and neck portion.  I heard that this can be done in spas.  I also read about Wensha Spa, a buffet and massage spa, located at Timog and Pasay.  We would probably visit the place one day.  It excites me to think about it – receiving a full-body massage and having buffet afterwards.  It is also a nice gift to someone dear.

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