Valar Morghulis

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All men must die.  All men must serve (valar dohaeris).  Words from Game of Thrones.

Death always connotes that grim truth of ending life’s beauty.  As interpretation of the lines above by someone, that goes like this – “Saying “all men must die” is not really negative in its original meaning. As death is a gift. To respond with to that with ‘all men must serve’ really means that first all men must live as life is a service and the many faced god (I think the statements started as a faceless man tradition) decides when you die. So when it’s used in conversation, it means that one day we will die and be free but for now we will do our duty. – provides enlightment.

Even with that nice-sounding interpretation, death is scary. It must be a gift for some living dubious lives but with some who are still enjoying, cherishing, capturing, or hugging what life offers, it definitely is an omen.

Life is a coming and going process I have to agree.  Still death is unwelcome even with realizations such as this.


It is a sad year for me. There are many deaths. The Grim Reaper seems to be prowling and had not reached its quota yet.  Most of them for me were still very young to be ‘reaped’.  Take for example the recent death of son Daryl’s friend who is only 20 years old.  She is a girl that seems to be full of aspirations and she will graduate as a nurse.  It must be very, very painful for the parents.  Who wouldn’t be shocked to know?

Many times I tell myself: “I hope when I die, it would be quick and silent and easy.”  It was a quick and silent death for the girl but I am not sure if it was easy to die via SUNDS (Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome) or bangungot in the Filipino vernacular, if that is what the stated cause is.

Some deaths are unexpected, true, but the pain is not less with an expected death of a loved one. When my father died, it took me more than a year to get over.  It was needed for him to rest after a month of being in a coma but the pain did not go away instantly.  It lingered and it made me cry involuntarily anywhere I was that time.

Thinking about death of a beloved one scares me so.  The fear is so big that it engulfs and numbs.  Daily, prayers for supplication dance in my mouth just to keep them safe from danger and harm.  I am thankful that my daily supplication is heard and granted.

One day, it will be over for me, too.  I wish I would be able to do the things I love most before The Grim Reaper comes.

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4 thoughts on “Valar Morghulis

  1. Death is inevitable. I'll accept it when it comes. My only dread is that it might come before I put everything in order. That is – my wife's well being and my daughter's future.


  2. It seems that slep aponea is very common to Filipinos. I know, because I suffer from one. I use a CPAP to go to sleep, without it – I could stop breathing in my sleep. It is an issue when I travel, I always have to carry my CPAP. On long haul flight, I simply can't sleep because there is nowhere to plug it.


  3. heard of that CPAP from a boss who also suffer from apnea. must be a drag to carry one. 😦 i need to review the causes of sleep apnea. sounds truly dangerous to be afflicted with it.


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