"Tao Lang Kasi"

The cliche “Tao lang kasi…” uttered each time mistakes are committed should not be an excuse.  It makes me think that by saying these words it reduces our capacity as an individual, as a person.  It makes me think that these words denounce our power to overcome life’s obstacles when we actually have the power to design a life that will save us from heartaches, from pain, from disappointments, and a lot more.

It is easier actually to say these words to justify our misdeeds.  The danger, however, in clinging to this kind of mindset is when we continue doing harmful things because these words are always available as absolution, and a lot of people that relate will just accept such reasoning as acceptable instead of helping the person to get out of the situation and try to change it.

“Tao lang kasi…” should not be an excuse.  The words should be “Isa akong tao at kaya kong iwasan ang tukso, ang masasamang impluwensya at tao, at lahat ng makakasama sa buhay ko. (I am human and I can stay away from temptation, from bad influences and people, and from everything that will harm my life.)”

Source: Yahoo! OMG

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