The Word ‘Malas’

birthday cake

Malas is a Filipino word for bad luck.  A lot of myths and misconceptions surround this word, for me, personally.    Since time immemorial here in the Philippines, the belief that something bad will happen to someone, or something omen will come one’s way, if he or she does this or that thing, or if a particular event or circumstance happens before going to a place or celebrating an important event, and many more, becomes part and culture of the Filipino society.

I have to understand this I know, this part that this ‘malas‘ perception had become part of what some Filipinos would prefer to believe.  I have to understand even though most of them are baseless or unfounded.  Take for example, a death before my birthday.  It is not malas for me as I look at it that someone died in the family before my birthday.  Everyday, people die, and each day many people celebrate their birthdays.  How can that be malas?  It’s just a natural thing to happen.  People die, babies are born.  It would be such a foolish notion for a baby, for example, to be brought forth in this world, and his or her mother died while giving birth, to be branded  as malas.  That would be very ridiculous. (With this, I would like to tell Tywin Lannister that Tyrion is not malas!  ha ha 😀 )

Each day is a gift from the Lord, people.  There is no malas.  The Lord bequeathed us the gift of life that will, of course, end one day.  Malas, I believe is a consequence of the ill nature of people.  It is a result of the evil that people do.  Like, for example, in a barangay, the poor constituents are malas to have barangay officials that put barangay funds in their pockets instead of delivering livelihood projects.  It is malas when a child is abandoned by his or her parents.  It is malas when education is deprived from poor students because they are not the priority of their local officials.  Etc, etc.

I hope that this short note will impart the message I would like to convey, along with the advice that we have to be cautious in saying things that can really be off and disappointing.  We all have to put our feet on other’s shoes to see how it would feel like receiving such innuendos.

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