Better Appliance Service

I would be happy to have a better, if not good appliance service, here in the Philippines. One that would provide service repairs for major appliances without hassles, technicians that are experts and trained in the field, and a customer care processing service center that is accommodating and friendly.

What a convenience to have an available service for washers (washing machines), dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heaters, etc. that you can count on each time you need them.  Our disappointing experiences with some service centers always lead us to resort to repairmen who are not really that trained and often times get service that are not that reliable, a hit-and-miss at times, or if lucky, the appliances get fixed without you knowing how long they will last.

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2 thoughts on “Better Appliance Service

  1. Gone are the days when we expect our appliances to work forever. Our Radiowealth TV had been repaired at least a dozen times before my parents gave up in the 70s. Now, however, appliances become obsolete before they break down – having it repaired is a rare thing. Having said that however, we bought a 3-year extended warranty for our TV – so that we can send it to the manufacturers service centre if it breaks down. I was glad we did, we had a minor problem that could have costs us a lot more.


  2. hi, Rommel. sorry for the late reply. 😦 been very busy.

    true. appliances today are produced not to last long but for us to buy another one because it won't last long.


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