Photohunt: Wither

Today’s Photohunt theme is WITHER.  The photo that will be featured here is also a tribute to a beloved aunt.  Tia Ata is not an aunt by blood.  He is my husband’s aunt but I loved her like my true blood.  She was very kind and so nice to talk to.  She made me feel welcome, she accepted me without qualms or indifference.  With open arms, I became her niece.

It was sad when she left this world last year.  She survived the world in eighty plus years.  She succumbed to illness borne of age.

She will always be remembered.

Tia Ata
Tia Ata

me and Tia Ata
me and Tia Ata, New Year’s day 2010

photohunt label

The legacy we live in this world is what is important.  Our skin WITHER with time, we grow old, but let it be that we grow old and leave being remembered with fondness.

15 thoughts on “Photohunt: Wither

  1. indeed, Raven. 🙂 i am actually planning to buy an external drive for all the photos. i cannot afford losing them.


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