Thinking in Advance About the 25th Wedding Anniversary


Last April 2, the family celebrated hubby and I’s 24th wedding anniversary.  Together with the kids, hubby decided to bring us to a local Chinese restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City.  He asked if we wanted to go to a buffet restaurant but after the experience being overwhelmed by the array of foods and drinks at Viking’s, I think I have to take a respite visiting buffet restaurants.  😀

Anyway, it turned out a very nice evening when the children enjoyed the food.

Now, to the planning about our 25th wedding anniversary.  It has to be simple still as I loathe extravagance and display.   The celebration has to be for the family still but maybe we could extend it to the other members of both Papsie and I’s family.  Well, it’s still a year away and changes to the plan is expected.    It could even be a celebration between me and my beloved Papsie only, who knows? 😀

Whatever the outcome of the planning, what would be important for me is celebrating another year




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