Funny Baby Stories

Photo from the Yummy Mummy
Photo from the Yummy Mummy

The other day me and my friends talked about our kids when they were still very young.  One of those in the group said that she knows that her child would love food because from the hospital the baby was crying out loud and stopped when they fed her with 3 oz milk which they got from a drug store, and prepared, along the way.  I had a similar observation about my son from the hospital, too.  Because I had a C-section, my SIL was the one who carried him and she placed her thumb on my newborn son’s chin and the boy began to move his tongue out like he’s sucking a feeding bottle! That was truly funny. We were all laughing.

I also shared another story of my son’s antics when he was little.  He was placed in a big kuna (cradle) where he was learning to stand and walk inside.  To my husband’s shock, he saw that the 7 month old baby was already holding a piece of his poop.  Being physically challenged, my husband was almost not able to get on time and snatch the poop out of the little boy’s hand.

My daughter also had her fair share.  Perhaps she discovered that if the nose felt itchy, she had to insert a finger to get rid of the itchiness and discovered that there is something inside.  One of the things that she discovered out of curiosity, unfortunately, is that she can taste the booger and not die.  I saw her with my own eyes that she was surreptitiously putting the thing in her mouth via that little finger.  😀

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