It should be a Fireware formatted audio interface

It came across the mind yesterday as I was listening to that harsh sounding music from another food establishment while we were on our way to Vikings.  The music was so loud but the sound signal was broken.

English: A flow of audio from sound waves thro...

Recollection of daughter’s debut emerged and I regretted that there were no proper arrangements for the sound system.  I could have captured it with a universal audio apollo interface that could convert the analog signals to digital signals perfectly.  That time, I was single-handedly organizing such an event thinking that I could do it with lesser expenses.

Admittedly, I overlooked the sound system and I could have considered using audio interface with a Fireware format that could preserve the integrity of the sound signal.  There are other things to consider though, I suddenly thought, and it’s too late to feel regret when there are at present opportunities to improve in this aspect should an event that would require a nice sound output occur.

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