Surprise! Surprise!

Yesterday was Papsie’s birthday! He had no idea that we planned something for the celebration.  A day before he was telling Daryl that maybe we should be celebrating his birthday at Lam Tin.  The two children made efforts in creating drama that Kay will have to buy something at SM North Edsa, and Daryl said that perhaps we’ll need to look for a restaurant at SM North.

On the other hand, I repeatedly asked him if he has his driver’s license with him all the time then I also asked if he has his SSS ID with him.  He told me later that he was beginning to wonder why I was asking those questions but never dared to ask why.

When we arrived at SM North, the kids told him that we’ll be looking for a place at The Block.  He just went with the flow.  While going up, he began to ask where we are heading and why we keep on going up.  I couldn’t tell him ‘because Vikings is at the 4th floor!’.   When we’re at the 4th floor, he immediately saw Vikings and said, “O, andito pala Vikings, no. 1 buffet restaurant yan, mahal dyan! Pinakita sa TV yan nung isang araw.” I stuck with the drama and mumbled ‘where is Kay and Daryl’, acting like looking for them, when I already knew that they are in the queue.

Papsie and I walked along the path and we both saw Daryl waving his hand, Kay was all smiles.  Papsie eyes grew big and exclaimed, “P*tang ‘na, mahal dyan!”, realizing that we are about to eat at Vikings.  He was taken by surprise,  a very good surprise, and he kept saying that the food price at Vikings is very costly.  He also looked at that time teary-eyed.


Papsie learned that Daryl had made a reservation last week. It was truly unexpected for him and was really overwhelmed. With everybody excited, we entered Vikings with lots of expectations. We were not disappointed and went home very full. Everybody happy.



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