Les Miserables – A Date with Daryl

The plan to go watch a movie was so spontaneous. In the middle of the many chores, Daryl asked me if I wanted to watch Les Miserables. My daughter was coaxing when I finally decided to stop what I was doing and go with Daryl.

I wept in silence to some of the scenes. Call me shallow or whatever, I truly wasn’t able to restrain the tears:

During that moment when Jean Valjean was secured his release after stealing the Bishop of Digne’s silver and the police was told by the bishop that they were gifts given to him.

jean valjean
Photo from Christian by Association

During the time when Fantine was dying in the hospital reaching for a vision of Cosette.

Photo from Theiapolis

During the time Eponine was walking along the streets of Paris and singing On My Own.

During the time Jean Valjean was leaving and making Marius promise not to tell Cosette.

Photo from Lady Evyta’s Rhymes of Ice

During the time Jean was dying and handing Cosette a letter about his past life.

Photo from The Hunchblog of Notre Dame

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