Wedding Rings

I remember someone in my past job tell me why I was not wearing my wedding ring.  I simply answered that my finger had grown bigger and the wedding ring does not fit anymore.  She continued telling that it is like an omen not to wear it because we (husband and I) will get separated in the future.  Such prophesy, huh?

A Wedding Ring
A Wedding Ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think even if mens wedding rings, and even that of the women, are made of diamonds, the future of a relationshup is not dependent on wearing or not wearing their wedding rings.  It is such a lousy belief.  It is even funny.  Why?  I learned that their marriage was once rocky.  She was wearing her wedding ring all the time.

I had learned to question the credibility of superstitious beliefs every now and then.  Thanks to my children.  Most of them are baseless, that’s why.




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