People are People

“People are people, Lawrence. Every bad behavior and every good one lurks within us. They were all there when you were in the world – in different proportion, with different triggers.” – Gerta, With a Little Help

In different proportions, yes.

Photo from d2digital @Flickr

Like the ‘tambays‘ in our place.  Tambay or istambay is a Filipino word for a person who loves to loiter or pass the time doing nothing.  Or worst, asking money or food from others to survive, with insistence, trying their best to make you feel guilty.  These are the same people whose line of thoughts fall into that category “You have to help me because I am poor, I have nothing.”

Yes, we all have these bad and good behaviors, but some tambays even go to lengths of forcing you to empathize with their situation.  Yes, we have this so called moral obligation to help but if you see people, able and strong but do not even try to find a job to support themselves, how could you understand forever?

When you see them ask money to buy provisions for their vices, isn’t it that they are more like a menace to society?  You cannot even dare ask a little help or favor because every move they make have to be paid.  Yes, they feel you have to pay them for the smallest tasks even if you have given them money aid or food for the nth time.  The money they get are not even used to help their family.  It is more like being used to support their vices.  Pathetic, isn’t it?

Yes, the government owes its citizenry a lot of things but most of the time, I look at blaming the government an escape goat.  Some of these istambays had their chances.  They were given opportunities to study and make good but they chose to wallow at their pitiful situation.  One cannot blame his misfortune to others.  Even if the parents or guardian did not do anything to make their lives good, they cannot be blamed wholly.  Each individual’s situation is dependent on how he or she will strive to change it or make it better.

People are people.  A lot of work is necessary to classify one in that category.


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