Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 Implementation

Last year I wrote about this topic and was wondering what happened to the implementation as I was seeing that substandard helmets are being used.

There are available stores in the country and it is even available online. One can find motorcycle helmets at helmet shop, for example. The law requires though that for imported helmets, an ICC (Import Commodity Clearance) mark must be found. For local helmets produced in the country, a PS (Philippine Standards) mark will be required.

Back to the topic,  news from the Philippine Information Agency tells that starting January 8 of this year, Region 12 LTO officials will start implementing the said law.  In summary, the law requires motorcycle drivers and his company to wear helmets that are according to what is required (with ICC or PS marks).  The law mentions penalties describing first offense with a fine of P1,500,  second offense with a fine of P3,000, third offense with a fine of P5,000, and fourth offense with a fine of P10,000 and confiscation of driver’s license.

I wanted very much that laws like this be implemented especially here in Manila where motorcycles swarm the roads, and with their wayward riders.  Most of the time, we encounter them as cause of the traffic, or altercations on the road.  I believe though that what must be taught first to these non-compliant motorists is to recognize laws and to abide by the rules.  The helmet act is just but secondary.

Still I wonder if there are motorcycle being penalized not for not wearing the proper helmet but for their indiscipline.


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