Sheer Acceptance

photo courtesy of Booksicals

As a mother, I always regard my children with fondness like they were still little children. I still cook for them during birthdays, or during any occasion. Consciously though, I yearn for that excitement and admiration to the effort they elicit when they were little children. There was this unexplainable joy to watch them appreciate with all honesty.

I guess every parent experience this hunger for the unrivaled affection a child gives when they were younger. As they live their own lives though, you will feel the changes. Of course, it is inevitable. Also with change comes pain. Sometimes it can also be accompanied with shock, with panic.

When things change in-between the parents and the children, which is bound to happen, it is sheer acceptance of the realities that these things are but normal, that their priorities change (and you may not even be included in the top list anymore), and that they are shaping their own lives, that have to be accepted.

Thinking out loud, you know.

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