Missing the Drums and Percussion

There used to be lots of music around here when there were occasions. There were friends and acquaintances who play the guitar and there were also who bang the drums. Their drums were like the drum set at musicians friend. They have a band that plays when there were events.  Sadly, it was disbanded because some of the members went abroad,  and some had to concentrate on their work.

A standard drum set: Ride cymbal Floor tom Tom...
A standard drum set: Ride cymbal Floor tom Toms Bass drum Snare drum Hi-hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actually, I prefer the drum and percussion instruments playing than listening to people singing with the videoke. With a band, you listen to real playing music and the vocalist sings to the tune. With people singing with the videoke, some of the sounds are noise.

I miss those times. I miss those times when I bang my head to the beat while they bang the drums with the other instruments.

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