To carpet or not to carpet

I will definitely choose the carpets offered at lubbock carpet stores. I landed in this online carpet store one day while I was contemplating on deciding having our love nest dressed down with a nappy floor covering. I am having second thoughts because the room does not have enough space to emphasize the beauty of a floor tapestry. Besides, how am I to clean the carpet underneath the bed? That would be very challenging to do. The only way is to cover only the area outside that of the bed.

Boat house bedroom

I was deep in my thoughts that day of how it would look like, making pictures in mind how the carpet would widen the room. Deciding on having it should be based on the need to make the room bigger. Loud colors will definitely not work for the room.

Maintenance is also a concern for me. The carpet must be easy to clean. Practicality is one of the primary reasons in buying accessories for the house. The lubbock carpet stores offer carpets that sounded easy to maintain.

If I will finally decide on having the love nest floor covered with a carpet, there are only three things: color, make, maintenance. Also, with a free installation service, I will definitely say yes to that carpet store! 😀

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