Still Blogging Last 2012 (January Posts)

I wanted very much to write on the second day of this year and greet every person that still visits this blog a happy new year but I was beat, and there were many things in mind that need special attention.  The fact that work has to start immediately on the second day of this year and also equates to toiling adds to the inadequacy to write even a short post.

Anyway, I am here typing.  I intend to reminisce through previous (last year’s) blog posts  every month.

Happy New Year 2012 – This is my first post for 2012 and I almost forgot that I got so brave posting a family picture.  This is also a reminder of a sad news when a fire engulfed the whole antique shop of Daryl’s friend’s family.

What Went Wrong When Papsie Had a Stroke – It was not initially about Papsie having a stroke but about me when I went to the dentist and my tooth was not extracted because my BP rose to 170/100.  The post also talked about the three (3) things we have to ask a victim to do – SMILE, TALK, RAISE BOTH ARMS (STR) upon recognizing the attack, or hints that there is an attack.  It ended about the story when Papsie had a stroke.

Brandy, We’ll Not See Each Other Often – It’s our love story with our favorite drink – brandy – and a vow to lessen the toasts to live and enjoy life longer (as if we could prevent the time when it comes by drinking less :D).

Oh, Photos! – This is a short post about me discovering some old photos of me, husband, and the two children.  There were comparisons made, of course.

No, it’s not a humdrum thing.  – This is the scariest time of my life.  I have to admire myself to be able to write about Papsie’s stroke last January 16, 2012,  and was afflicted of Nerve Palsy because of it.  I tried very hard in this post to hide the fear I have by writing about the situations in public hospitals and the indigent patients.

Sincerely Insincere – An amalgam of words.  Even trying to hide the persona in each depiction, the irritation and indifference from my end was very obvious.  This post was brought about by frustration and disappointment during the times my husband was ill.

Looking at Ski Clothings – I was talking about cold weather and snow, apparently.  I went on telling that I wonder how I will survive when here in the Philippines, I cannot even last without blankets to wrap myself during cold nights, and with pajamas on.

What I Cannot Afford – This was actually triggered by all the lavish displays of new phones, gadgets, accessories, etc, at FB.  I decided to post about the things I cannot afford – as a mother.  It is not about material things, I have to warn if you get interested to click on and read.

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