In Pursuit of a Dream

As I had written in a post at MyLot, I am growing tired of what I do.  Work had become a routine.  It does not challenge me anymore, and it does not give a promise of growth anymore, financially, mentally, and morally.  It seemed like everything is futile; it seemed like everything is in freeze or hanging mode.   I admire  some people whoregard work as fun albeit it could not be like that always but having to work with more fun in a sense not really akin to not doing anything at all but doing it with much gusto and love and self-respect is really, really something.

Some people can be just content of what they do or be satisfied working only within their comfort zone.  I mean, some people can be ‘fat dumb and happy’ with the conventional pace.    I was at some point in my life,  that – trying to appease my self with thoughts of acceptance.

But the desire is growing and Princess Merida asked this question: “If you had a chance to change your fate, would you? “


I am crossing my fingers as I hope.


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