Thursday Two Questions: Spooky Movies

When I was in college, I love to watch horror movies with my friends, and later with my ex-bf-turned-hubby.  Horror movies before had this appeal we cannot resist perhaps being young, we wanted to try new and different things.  As I grow older mature, the fondness to these kinds of movies died.  I cannot last watching, or even if I watch, I would turn my head or pretend to do something to avoid those scenes that could make me jump, or give me goosebumps.

Last night though we watched Insidious and I say it’s a good horror movie, more frightening than Sixth Sense.

Poster from IMP Awards

Here are my two questions:

1.  Are you fond of watching horror movies? If yes, or no, why?

2.  What is the best current horror movie for you?

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Two Questions: Spooky Movies

  1. Hi Bing ~~ I really don't watch horror movies is I can help it. But I love to watch what Mrs. Jim and daughter Karen used to call horror movies. They would watch them with closed eyes and both sitting in the same chair for mutual protection. Then they would ask me what was happening.

    Did you ever do that?


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