Thursday Two Questions

As I was browsing the net about memes, I chanced upon this blog – Self Sagacity – and found this meme named Thursday Two Questions.  The blog owner’s questions are:

1) Do you recall having memories of a place, or experience of something that you  actually feel the same?

My answer:

Lots of places and I have to say events that I could recall and actually feel the same. It also gives you that feeling of deja vu.  Anyway, there is this one place that makes me feel the same when I visited it after decades.  It was the university where my children had finished their college.

The University of Philippines made me feel small literally as it is such a very big university.  I first visited it when I applied for the entrance examination.  I felt like a tiny dot on the vastness of a piece of paper.  The same feeling was felt when I have to visit it again when we decided to jog every Sunday.  Good heavens, I wasn’t able to go back to that routine again. 😦   Anyway, back to that feeling again.  It is queer that I still find the university very large making me feel small.

UP Oval

2) Is there any cause and effect for you if you were to stay up late?

My answer:

There is always a cause for me to stay up late.  As a working mom, 24 hours in a day are not enough.  Coming from work, I cannot just perform at once to do the house chores so I have to take a rest and sometimes it drowns the drive to do the things that need to be done when something comes up in between like when one of the children would invite us to dine out, or when hubby wants to watch a movie with me. 😀

It energizes me to stay up late. I know, it sounds weird.  I just need to go to bed late and feel that the day is over and things (though not everything) are completed.

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