Disappointed With the Dinuguan & Puto Combination

It was my fault. I let that photo of dinuguan and puto combination fool me. Another photo enticed me and that was the turon split. The dinuguan and puto won. I got disappointed instead.

Turon split
Photo credits: Tumblr

How I regretted the decision. Yesterday I promised myself that I will not eat food other than barbecued chicken, turon split and halo-halo at Mang Inasal’s. The dinuguan failed in epic levels against Papsie’s dinuguan. 😦

Papsie enjoyed his food anyway.

Barbecued chicken
Photo credits: Tara, Let’s Eat!

6 thoughts on “Disappointed With the Dinuguan & Puto Combination

  1. Where's the pic of the puto and dinuguan? I love dinuguan and if I got a chance, yan ang order ko palagi. May dinuguan dito pero chicken. Iba compared to our dinuguan back home na mamoy. >: D


  2. hi, Blogusvox! sa sobrang pagkadismaya e dinisisyunan ko na wag na sya i post! i think dinuguang chicken, though i haven't tried one yet, will truly be totally different. pork is meant to be the main ingredient for the chocolate stew. 😀

    hi, Kaye! what a coincidence, my eldest is named Kay. that's good news, will try razon's version one day! 😀


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