Are you game for a "One Word Meme"?

DOGDOG (One word please.) BUT THAT’S MY NAME. 😀

For a change, I am participating in this meme. In my early blogging days, this is ‘very in’.  😀  Are you game? It’s not difficult. Let’s see how you answer with only a word!

Thirty Questions

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction. Copy and paste the meme below into your blog, changing the ANSWERS to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A LINK BACK TO THIS POST would be appreciated.

1. Where is your cell phone?   Bag

2. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Married!

3. Your hair?  Un-black

4. Your mother?  Dead

5. Your father?  Dead

6. Your favourite item? Laptop

7. Your dream last night?  None

8. Your favourite drink?  Coffee

9. Your dream car? AUV

10. The room you are in? Office

11. Your ex? Forgotten

12. Your fear?  Alzheimer’s

13. What do you want to be in 10 years?  Mobile

14. Who did you hang out with last night?  Hubby

15. What you’re not?  Traitor

16. The last thing you did?  Talk

17. What are you wearing?  Earring

18. Your favourite book?  Martin’s

19. The last thing you ate? Chocolate

20. Your life?  Contentment

21. Your mood?  Light

22. Your friends?  Few

23. What are you thinking about right now?  You

24. Your car?  Nissan

25. What are you doing at the moment?  Blogging

26. Your summer?  Passed

27. What is on your TV?  Away

28. When is the last time you laughed?   Morning

29. Last time you cried?  Weeks

30. School?  Forgotten!

If you’re into it, blog your own!  But I wish Atticus, Photocache, Prinsesa Musang, Ruby,  and Sarah will participate.  This is a tag only for the girls for now.  😀

9 thoughts on “Are you game for a "One Word Meme"?

  1. thanks a lot, Photo Cache! 😀 i was actually looking for a personal blog because yours in my list is a photo blog. i hope you don't mind to link up your personal blog as well.


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