I Wonder What Happened to the Motorcycle Helmet Act

With the increasing number of motorcycles along the roads that cause traffic, delays, and accidents, I wonder what happened to the Motorcycle Helmet Act 2009.  That law requires motorcycle drivers and riders to use protective helmets, and with PS and ICC seals.  These motorists should have taken a look at standard helmets designed for comfort, perfect fit and high quality.  It is beyond me, however, to know if this brand has been introduced already in the Philippines.

Every time we are on the road, we see many motorcycle drivers and riders donned in what looked like substandard helmets.  I wonder if this is being monitored, as to how many of them were already penalized for wearing substandard helmets.  The news is silent about this while accidents are claiming more and more lives.

In that law also, the dealer also will be penalized for not selling standard motorcycle helmets with PS and ICC seals, and those who tamper these marks.  Again, there is no news as to how the implementation had prospered, and if it helped in reducing the motorcycle accidents and deaths.

Mentioned shoei helmet can be considered a prototype for standard helmets.  It is designed specifically to the need of the motorcycle driver or rider.  The costs of these standard helmets might be thrice the price but with quality, safety comes first.


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