Between Need and Decency

An argument was raised about a situation.  The whole of it I wrote in MyLot with this title “Are you going to eat the hotdog?”

When I heard about the probability that the hotdogs being sold might be stolen, I made a firm stand that I would not be eating the hotdog if it’s served to me after I learn it was stolen.   It was like conniving with the thief.

It was not determined if the hotdogs were truly stolen but my husband’s argument is that it is not how the hotdog was obtained but that he helped the poor  peddler earn a living.  He added also, for people who are living scarcely enough, where or how the hotdogs were obtained is not what matters.  For these people, what will always prevail is the need to eat than be decent.

I tried to recall if there were times I succumbed more to the need than to do what is right when I was still very young.  I didn’t steal food as far I can remember even if food was insufficient those times.  I remember I kept a toy from a playmate because I wanted it for myself very much and never returned it because we have no money to buy something like it.  I can almost feel the mixture of guilt and sad and happy feelings I had doing that bad thing, but this is different from being an adult who should know more about what is right from wrong.  I may sound absolving myself from the bad deed I committed when I was very young but I am set to my belief that adults should know better.

I might be able to understand the urgency in a situation and that being the cause to do wrong or to be indecent.  I can never understand someone who has enough, and even brags about abundance of money, and prefers to buy stolen food because they are cheaper.  It reflects greed more than the need.  😦



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