The Strength A Parent Needs in Times of Disappointment

Parents need to summon the strength they hoarded in times of disappointment.  When an adult child fails to meet expectations of responsibility, discernment and rationale,  it can truly be frustrating.   What does a parent got to do?

Onlookers, and even hypocrites, or the self-righteous will readily point a figure at the parents and even without them asking for their opinion, it would be so easy to tell that the parents have to berate the child, or to even punish.   Things are not what they usually seem, situations are not always analogous to some others’ experiences.

Tell the parents to talk to the adult child.  Okay.  This is workable to some but it does not always work.   Talking, when the parents and the child had had a lot of serious talks and still nothing changed, is at times futile.

Push the silence button.   Okay.  At times, parents and adult children have to distance themselves from each other, and let them think what had happened, why it happened, what to do with the current situation, and if there is a chance, talk it over again.

The parents need to love themselves, too, by not imbibing too much stress.  They have to let their hearts heal.  They have to give more attention now to themselves.  Enough had been said.  Enough had been done.  It is time to nurture themselves, too.


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