M* knows how to play the guitar!

I was surprised to hear that M* knows how to play the guitar. No, she didn’t buy her instrument from the telecaster guitar center but it was a gift from her dad when she was in high school.  Also, it was not an electric guitar that she plays with.  It was just a simple guitar but it amazes me still learning that she could actually play and create tunes from the guitar.

Guitar (Photo credit: mrwalker)

The conversation started from an exchange of thoughts when we get bored from the whole scenario of working in a company that gives one more headaches than glory.  That is where she mentioned that when she gets home from a disappointing day at work, she would play the guitar. “Don’t tell me it’s an electric guitar you’re playing?” I asked and she told me it isn’t.  I have no doubt that she will learn to play an electric guitar, too, if given the time, as she already has the basics.

This woman never ceases to amaze me.  She drives a car, a motorbike, knows some martial arts, knows how to swim and now plays a guitar!

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