I Didn’t Wear Maternity Leggings

True, I didn’t wear maternity leggings when I was pregnant with Kay and Daryl.  Being a new mom, I remember I was very afraid to wear leggings or even pants that have stretchable front panels.  I really thought of it as dangerous to the growing baby inside.  I was afraid these pants could hinder the growth of the baby.

My mother-in-law sewed my maternity dresses those times.  When I go to the malls, I simply chose dresses and completely ignored all maternity leggings and pants.  There were moms that wear them during those times.  They looked okay but my fear overcame the desire to try.

My babies were big and healthy when they were delivered.  I always thought that not wearing the leggings might have contributed to their  healthy condition while inside the tummy.   I may sound silly but this is what I did and how I thought of the whole thing when I was pregnant.

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