Puzzle books

810 - The Manchester Guardian Third Crossword ...
810 – The Manchester Guardian Third Crossword Puzzle Book (Photo credit: Eifion)

One good idea for a gift is a puzzle book.  There are many kinds of puzzle books namely crosswords, perplexors, analogy challengers, code breakers, the cube, logic links, sudoku, etc.  I remember planning to give a nephew a sudoku book as Christmas gift but learned that the kid had mastered the puzzle already and so I cancelled the plan because it will not be a challenge to him anymore.  I gave him the cube instead but to my astonishment, he had mastered it as well but he enjoyed it.

You might guess this post might be something related to Secretary Robredo’s death and I say you are right.  Until now, his death is a puzzle to me – why the aide was able to untangle himself and the secretary was not able to.  It must have been a struggle for him and the thought is really bothersome.  Not that I am thinking ill against the poor guy and who is also the lone survivor.  It just made me wonder how and why.  Well, I guess that would not matter anymore.  It’s just a thought.  Maybe, we all have each other’s time, in a way that could either be painful or painless.


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