Some People Deserve to Live

And some deserve to die.  I know, I sound ruthless by saying these words but it is a fact that there are people who deserve to die when they do not care that thousands of their constituents and neighbors and fellowmen are dying of hunger for food, basically, and for the need of a better education, a better place to live in, and a healthy condition and situation.  Most people in the Philippines are hungry for good governance, as every good citizen would say, and yet the crocodiles and the vultures’ desires to get filthy rich do not waver but seem to grow stronger by day.

Then the death of Secretary Jess Robredo.  How can one good man be taken from us?  I do not know whom to address the question.  The One up there has his reasons probably – a thought that would suffice for the moment.  I just hope that his examples will be emulated, that his principles will live among those people he had lived with on a daily basis, and from time to time, and that the fruits of his labor be sustained and maintained for the betterment of many.  It is a slow process, as we are all experiencing, this path to a better Philippines, and I just have to hope that things could be better and that there are still Robredo clones in the list.

I mourn for the death of this good man.  I mourn because of the danger that lies ahead when those left would not fight for the principles of good governance.  I mourn because the number of good soldiers that combat against graft and corruption was reduced like a thousand.

Still, I would like to hope, and participate in any which way I can to make a better Philippines, for this good man, and for the country that he loves very much.  I salute you, Secretary Jess Robredo!

Rest in peace, Secretary Jessie Robredo.


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