Just feed one…

Actually, we fed two this morning.  They are brothers who roam the streets to find ‘kalakal’ or merchandise to be sold.  I immediately saw them as they walk towards the Kowloon branch where Papsie and I were eating our lunch. I learned they are brothers and live at West River Side. It is an area that also gets easily flooded.  The older brother is in grade four and he was really shy when I asked if they like to eat.  Unlike some of the boys we met on the streets, this boy was different.  The younger brother smiled eagerly and did not say anything, too.  Unlike the boys we met occasionally, these boys looked clean and were just forced to find merchandise on the streets probably for their baon, or for their food for lunch or supper.

I remember them as I look at Sidney Snoeck’s photo where a quote by Mother Teresa that says ““If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”  I know with the many challenges these boys will soon have to face again, the siopao we gave will be immediately forgotten when hunger pangs attack again.  I just hope it will give them hope, that they will remember the act and let it be something they will be inspired to fight and be strong, and also to hold on.  I pray that they will be kept safe despite the dangers in the streets.

Borrowed from Sidney Snoeck

As I am writing this, the rains just stopped but still I feel anxious about the little children that live with their families along the nearby creeks, and rivers, and waterways.  It is just so cruel, so cruel.  Children do not have to live with scarcity, hunger, abuse, etc. caused by poverty.

It is just so cruel for those who thwart the truth behind the need to do something for the ever growing population where the most affected are the children.   I wonder if pursuing something like the RH Bill is more immoral than letting couples have a lot of children even if they cannot provide anymore and even if this could mean that the children will be in danger.  The population grew and is growing and nothing is being done to alleviate the condition of the poor.  The blame is always passed on to the government while these people do nothing, and with only misleading information on responsible parenthood.


3 thoughts on “Just feed one…

  1. indeed, atticus. kind of expected that though. malayo pa ang tatahakin ng Pilipinas. 😦

    i agree very much, bertN, i cannot understand why many do not seem to understand that over population can put the nation in a real bad state.


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