The Little Boy in the Tricycle

I saw that innocent-looking boy of about 6 or 7 again.  He climbed the tricycle with his Grandpa.  He was made to sit on an improvised little seat inside the tricycle.

He looked at me again.  This time with mixed emotions as he stared at my face.  How he stared.  I stared back.  I know it is a little rude but I stared back.  I watched how his brows twitched and how his lips pouted.  He looked at me straight in the eyes that seem to challenge me to the game of ‘Let’s stare at each other and then see who wins’.

Then I began to wonder what he will be in the future.  That moment I was so fascinated with the little boy’s innocent looking face and cannot help wonder what he’d like to be. I fidgeted at the thought that he might go astray if proper guidance will not be given.  Children are so precious that it saddens me to see some of them roam the streets, unclothed, barefooted.

In the same road where I traverse almost everyday, I am seeing children grow without protection from the heat and the cold.  The scene always makes me feel hatred as it also seem that they do not go to school. It is absurd that nothing’s being done.  My several attempts to give food (and not money) will not make a dent to their situation.  It will not even give them something to look at the world as a nice place to live in.  Yet, I see smiles on their faces when they play.

It is that little boy in the tricycle that made me border on the difference. If only things are done the right way.


2 thoughts on “The Little Boy in the Tricycle

  1. hello, Atticus. pasensya na ngayon lang naka respond. sobrang busy sa work. 🙂 hindi naman maganda resulta ng supposed to be na debate.


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