It always scares me to hear the pitter patter

English: Flooded waters during the height of T...
English: Flooded waters during the height of Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days the pitter patter of the rain is not sweet music as it does to me before. It always scares me to death.  It always makes me wish and pray that it will not last.  As I am writing this, the rains have not stopped.  I am afraid that the streets will be flooded and classes will be cancelled again.  It’s better that they’ll be canceled at once.  The kids are always caught up along the flooded streets, becoming victims of inefficient local officials.

I saw on TV an architect say something about how the situation is becoming worse.  I wonder what is being done with the reports of how vulnerable the condition and situation of areas where there were once esteros or creeks before.  Those creeks were developed into residential and business places and it is scary to hear how that architect tells about the possible devastation that can happen in these areas as time passes by.

This is why I am scared.  Ours is a high place and for it to be flooded will mean a lot more place and a wider scope will be flooded.  Still, it scares me to death about the possible fatalities in the lower places.  Here in the metro, another thing to be anxious about are the shanties that are multiplying and some of them are even along waterways, creeks, rivers, and other forms of water.

I know it is tempting to point fingers, blame, or curse at the supposedly responsible entities and persons but what good will it do when all that is needed is for us to give our share to make Metro Manila a safer place to live in.

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