Eddie’s in town!

A classmate and friend in college is here in the Philippines.  Last Friday, Papsie and I went to see him and some others.  Here’s Eddie with me by his side …

We met up with the others at Gerry’s Grill at Ali Mall, Cubao.  There are a lot to talk about and reminiscences to remember.  We laughed a lot at Eddie’s jokes (grin and red ha ha ha).  Everybody seem not to stop from recalling stories and names.  Below is a group pic.

After dinner, we went to Midori hotel and planned to stay there because the others wanted to sing while having a good time with Ed and everybody.  Unfortunately, the amplifier of the karaoke was not working so we had to leave.  We proceeded to RL’s house and continued the singing and the story telling until the wee hours of morning.  Papsie and I left at past 3 am.  I was not able to go to work but it’s okay.  This does not happen often.  It was Ed and RL’s singing that prevented me from trying ha ha.  I got intimidated.  😀
























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