Not to Let the Guard Down

“Jealousy and Flirtation” depicts a woman jealous of the attention given to another woman by a man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With relationships, it’s hard not to maintain your composure all the time especially when faced with issues of infidelity.  I heard a lot of heart rending stories of women (mostly) and men betrayed.  I keep on saying that I will not do this and that, that I will not beg, that I will not attempt to save the relationship anymore, or that I will do it for the sake of the children.  But I really do not know.  They say it is easy to say things than say them when you are already there experiencing the pain.

I will not let my guard down and let a partner and another woman rejoice at the thought that I am in pain, that is what I am sure of.  In instances of flirting, I talk about it with my partner but would never show it with other people.  It does not actually matter who was making the move but why a person would give in to the flirting and then flirt, too.  They would not see me do anything and let them rejoice how I am slighted though.  I will not let bad people rejoice during their bad moments.

It can keep a man or a woman to see that you stand strong against his or her evil deeds.  To be faced with betrayal must not dishearten you.  You must not let your guard down and beg though it is for sure a very painful process.

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