Do You Believe in Charms?

As I look at the pandora charms where I usually see them lined on bracelets, necks, dresses, accessories, it makes me think of the purpose of wearing one.  Some are believed to bring good luck or ward off evil.  Some are worn as additional accessory or for health reasons.  Some of them are designed intricately and some are just simple.  Some of them are attractive and some are just plain.

I remember I had a bracelet made of crystals with two dangle charms with it.  I forgot where the bracelet is now.

There are other types of charms as follows:

birthstone charm
(Photo courtesy of The Charm Works)
faith and religion charm
(Photo courtesy of dreamstime)
family and baby charm
(Photo courtesy of craftjuice)
love and friendship charm

travel and transportation charm
(Photo courtesy of Charms and Chains)

(Photo courtesy of John Greed Jewellery)

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