Cigars for Eddie?


HAVANA - FEBRUARY 24:   A model hands out the ...
HAVANA – FEBRUARY 24: A model hands out the new ‘Julieta’ cigar to guests on February 24, 2010, in Havana, Cuba. In response to cigar sales lagging, Cuba is trying to interest women smokers in ‘the Julieta,’ a milder version of its ‘Romeo y Julieta’ cigar Between February 22 and February 26 the annual Habanos Tobacco Festival takes place in Cuba. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

A friend came from the US of A.  Actually, he only visits once in a while.  Papsie and I are contemplating on what to bring to the meet-up.  Would Eddie prefer alec bradley cigars or a bottle of Carlos II?  I haven’t seen him light a cigarette but I saw him drown in liquor LOL 😀 Kidding.


Eddie was a college friend and classmate to Papsie.  I have known him only when we became classmates.  It was him and Papsie who is with a group of college boys.  I had my own group.  Eddie looks to me as quiet and reserved during college but when I met him the first time he visited the Philippines again, I noticed transformation. ha ha


Well, people change, things change.  I changed, Papsie changed.  It is inevitable, I guess.  It is a nice feeling to know after all that a certain classmate has a funny or a wacky side of him.  It is even astonishing to learn that a particular classmate, for example, had had a number of affairs when there was not a clue during the time you were both in high school or college.  It is wonderful to hear also that someone already has a big family when you knew that this particular classmate intends to go to the seminary or has a vocation.


Therefore, I will not be surprised one day if I see Eddie with a cigar between his teeth.  God, I wish it would not be so.




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