Breaking Wind

Comic actor
Comic actor (Photo credit: Taifighta)

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was not already feeling well.  I felt I was going to have a flu but I have no choice as I am in charge of facilitating the management review meeting.  I felt miserable the whole time of the meeting but tried to get along.  I survived but after the meeting, I was feeling worse.  There was no fever and yet I was feeling down and just wanted to lie down and sleep.  Must be the anti-allergy medication. 😦

I chose to stay completing the eight-hour work.  When I got home, I went directly to our room and lie down.  It was such a nice feeling but I noticed I began to break wind, or pass gas.  😀 In short, I was farting most of the time I was inside the room.

The Gas We Pass book cover
The Gas We Pass book cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost everybody knows that flatulence is caused mostly by food that we take so I pondered on what I ate the whole day.  I only had ham sandwich using wheat bread during breakfast.  Wheat is said to be one cause.  I had chicken and rice during lunch and learned that rice is not a cause.  Then as I was searching for answers today,  the food that we eat and how they are absorbed can be a cause.  However, absorption is  influenced by other problems, too, in the body.   For example,  changes in our bowel movements caused by poor dietary fiber, parasites, intestinal cancer, and narcotics, to name a few, are causes of flatulence.

Farting, as breaking wind or passing gas is informally known, is not really a problem but becomes one when it is expelled at the most inappropriate time and place.  My friends (chemists) were already analyzing during lunch why sulfur can be present at times and guessing that it must be hydrogen sulfide on the food eaten.  It was so funny that F* and I asked if it can be analyzed in one of those machines in the lab and C* suggested to have it liquefied first then pelletized.  We laughed at the idea.

Today, I had not passed gas as often as yesterday.  I am crossing my fingers that it will not happen again this evening as I might be meeting friends again.

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