The Things You Have to Avoid When Drinking Alcohol

Drunkenness of Noah

This is in no particular order.  I will write what comes to mind.

Before I continue, I have to say this is inspired by some of my personal experiences.  Too much of everything is never helpful, and… healthy!  Remember the saying, too, – Too much of everything is a poison.

  • Do not open your Facebook account.  While inhibitions depart, you might, with the influence of alcohol, be tempted to post something unnecessary, scandalous, shameful,  or provocative, etc.  It will be too late to delete a post or a comment, which you might have found funny while writing it under the influence of alcohol, and regret doing it afterwards.
  • Do not drink outside your home or your comfort zone.  Drinking with peers might lead you to forget that you are far from home.  There is always a tendency to drink a lot of the alcohol or wine served when the storytelling get funny or while you all trod along memory lane.  There is also danger of blurting out words that you might regret saying afterwards when intoxication waned.  It is not a good feeling to seem like a ninny.
  • Do not drink with people you loathe.  One way or another, you will find the time to confront the person with his or her ill manners, or bad attitude, or bad deeds.  If you will be able to control yourself, you might, on the other hand, be the one affected as you will be stressed out trying to appear everything is okay, or show you are okay even if you are not.
  • Do not drink beyond what you can.  Chances are you’ll stumble, roll on the ground, vomit (yaikkks!!), be the object of ridicule because of your silly talks and manners during your drunken state, get very ill in the following morning/day, etc.
  • Do not bring a lot of cash.  People who are drunk, especially men, tend to get very generous in giving out money, especially when they are in the company of floozies.  I remember someone who got very drunk and showed his money (almost fifty T), and was wondering the next morning where all the money went.
  • Do not argue with anyone.  As long as you can avoid arguments, do avoid.  This will turn into fights, or melees, later on.  Talk about happy things.  Anyway, you drink for fun, for friendship, for celebrations.

There, this is my current list of dont’s when one is drinking with his or her peers.  I may have more to add upon discovery.  😀  This means this will be updated if there are more observations to gather. Or, if you have something in mind, you might want to share.


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6 thoughts on “The Things You Have to Avoid When Drinking Alcohol

  1. nabiktima na ako ng mga pangyayaring yan sa FB, and vice versa ha ha it happens, Photo Cache, though i am not sure up to what extent.


  2. remember the rule: beer over whisky, very risky. whisky over bear, have no fear. simply put, if you must mix drinks, start with beer.
    don't drunk text. drunk texting is very risky. it might get you into trouble with that lousy ex you've worked so hard to avoid and forget.
    and i agree, drink only with people you trust.


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