There’re maniacs everywhere

While in the car, one day, Papsie mentioned that the general manager in one of the golf clubs here in the Philippines was removed from office because of reports that he was taking advantages of the umbrella girls.  He continued telling that in order for the girls to be employed they are forced to have a date with him. That maniac.  I bet those girls are trying their hardest to earn money carrying umbrellas for the golfers, or picking the logo balls, or assisting in anyway.  I imagine it is not an easy job.  It had gotten harder because of that maniac.

I am having goosebumps now recalling the story. Will any of the legislators please pass a rule mentioning that these sick maniacs’ impotent little baggage be chopped in small pieces while they watch? They make me cringe in fear and hatred at the same time.


2 thoughts on “There’re maniacs everywhere

  1. we have a very good anti-sexual harassment law. kahit pagsipol sa babae, bawal. ang kailangan lang alam ng mga babae ang law na iyon. lahat ng office, public of private, dapat may committee against sexual harassment.


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