Music to Wash Away the Dust of Everyday Life

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

~Berthold Auerbach

Dave Matthews
Cover of Dave Matthews

When Papsie and I are alone with only each other in the house, we listen to music especially if I am or he is not busy.  It is a therapy to listen to music even if the lyrics do not have anything to do with us (minsan napagkakamalan nga akong nag-eemote for someone he he  😀 ).   It is always, always a healing experience to listen to the rhythm, melody, harmony and sound of music.

One of the most amazing tools in music are the guitars.  A Facebook friend posted a video of a musician playing power chords of 100 (rock) songs.  He has this special guitar like one of those Michael Kelly Guitars and he played continuously and amazingly.

Rivermaya (Photo credit: paoe)

Guitar players like Santana and Dave Matthews are examples of exquisite artists.  Local artists on the other hand like Heber Bartolome, Freddie Aguilar, Florante, Mike Hanopol, Joey Smith, Ramon Jacinto, famous band guitarists and the budding young ones like Luis Galang are unquestionable in their talents.

When they play, my jaw drop in awe. he he 😀

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