The King is Dead

Finally, he rested in peace.  All in his time.

Photo courtesy of The Entertainment Lifestyle Newsblog

Dolphy, the king of comedy died and he was afflicted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Smoking is the lead cause.  Doc Gelo shared this post  in FB about the disease.  If you are a smoker, you better think about what could happen before you take your last breath.  I have to tell it would not be easy as many of the illnesses that goes with smoking are painful.  It will render one useless and restless.  I should know, my father was a chronic smoker.  He was in a coma before he died.

The comedy had given us laughter.  He had inspired us in many ways no doubt.  It is sad that he had to be really ill before he left this world.  I guess,  what we have to learn about his passing is the need to get rid of vices and try very hard to lead a healthy life while we continue serving as an inspiration.  We may not be popular but we can be an inspiration to some.


2 thoughts on “The King is Dead

  1. Well said Bing. My dad was also a chain smoker. Though he quit smoking the cancer cells were already there and that caused him his death in 1987.

    Because of that, I promised myself not to even try smoking. It is one thing that I can live without, and one thing that this world does not need if you ask me.

    It takes a lot of guts to quit smoking, even extra effort to get fit and have a longer life. I just hope that a lot of people who still do not believe in this hopefully will be enlightened, before it is too late.


  2. i nearly got hooked to this vice for some reasons. 😦 glad i was able to stop it before getting addicted! i know a lot of people who didn't get successful in quitting and end up sick, dying or dead.

    the world doesn't need pollutants, i hope they realize it soon.

    thanks! 😀


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