Boob Jobs

Warning: for adults only.

My Boobs Are OK

“Is it true that you men are more attracted to women with big boobs?” M* addressed C*.

“Not really, but mango-shaped boobs are nicer though,”  C* replied.

The topic started about Madam Auring’s photos (again) beginning to infest FB as I describe how she looked like where the flabs and big pair of boobs amass in a seemingly ageing body of a person.  C* even asked is she looks flawless.

F* laughed at him and looked like aghast at the possibility that C* would find Madam Auring still attractive if she is still flawless.  C* explained that there are many ways for women to appear attractive even if they are already mature.  Young F* laughed incessantly.

The discussion proceeded and I find myself telling that Papsie disliked augmented boobs.  As he had been blurting, augmented boobs looked ‘robotic’ in movement especially during humping to which I agreed.  Normal boobs’ (whatever size) movement appeared delightful to look at as they go in circular motions and not like up and down only.  😀

“Augmented boobs always appear they’ll burst anytime.  Besides, isn’t it difficult to carry those weights? When I was lactating, it felt so heavy I cannot even move comfortably.”   I said.

“For me, they look like siopao,” replied C*.

Everybody laughed at C*’s comment.

But hey, there was a reported incident on how a breast implant saved a woman’s life.  😀

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