Besides a Fireplace

English: An outdooor fireplace

Wonder how it’s like to do ‘it’ with outdoor fireplaces. ‘It’ meaning relaxing with Papsie, talking about anything, about people, about relatives, about children, about grandchildren (???), about success, or about sex.  Not that I would dare do ‘it’ outdoors.  Now ‘it’ meaning ‘that’.

It’s a good thing alcohol’s not in the system now lest I forget to be sane and cautious.  My kids are grown-ups already and yet I still feel the need to be prudent.  😀

But still, I wonder. I wonder how it would feel like not under a ceiling but the skies.  I think I wouldn’t last. I am shaky with very cold conditions. I bet I will not be able to perform perfectly even besides an outdoor fireplace.

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