At A Wake

English: apples and grapes
English: apples and grapes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A relative of Papsie died. As always, death in this country is also a way to reunite. Very much like a reunion.  Of course, it is inevitable to see people you are fond of, and those you aren’t.  You see most of his kins, some willingly smiled and greeted, some deliberately ignored.  It’s because they’re rich, I was told. “As if rich would mean they are better people,” I pondered.

Among the folks that I am very fond of was a sexagenarian who loves to talk to people, especially to relatives.  He is a very, very funny man, much like a father to me.  Last night, the talk went from his teasing a grandchild telling that she might have just arrived from watching a movie when it was obvious that she was still in uniform.  Papsie said that a provision of two hundred pesos a day is not enough money now for students to be able to watch a movie.  That would not be enough.  The old man seemed to be surprised and replied that during their time, they only need five centavos to be able to watch a movie and they do it on foot.  That is, they walk their way to the movie house.  He continued reminiscing and said that long ago, during their times, apple or grapes are not a common thing to have and eat while today, if one has money, he can have an apple or grapes anytime.  He remembered that they were not given apples or grapes if they are not sick, and he was laughing telling us, “How could one eat when he is sick?” We laughed a lot.

His stories and jokes were very funny.  He always has side remarks that are funny and scornful at the same time but people loved him for what he is.  He makes each encounter light, fun and unforgettable.  That is why it makes me wonder why some relatives would act (or show) like they are truly honorable people (when some of them are not) and that they belong to the elite group deliberately classifying people with their stares from head to toe, and frowns, and heads held up high (that appear like they are peacocks). Perhaps someone is right with the assessment that these people think about themselves as better people because they are rich. As the saying of Andrew Carnegie goes, “There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else.”

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2 thoughts on “At A Wake

  1. wakes are indeed a sort of meeting spot for long lost friends and relatives.

    there are really people that feel they are better than others. i don't know how to deal with them 🙂


  2. hi, Photocache. when i am near these people, i just ignore. as much as i do not want to ruin my day, i am not 'rich' to join them. he he he


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