Home Economics and Industrial Arts

Home Economics sewing
Home Economics sewing (Photo credit: OSU Special Collections & Archives)

When I was in elementary, we had home economics and industrial arts subjects. The first half of the whole year class for the girls will be spent for home economics and the second half for industrial arts.  The home economics seemed easier as sewing and other topics related to home management are being taught. It was easier for the girls.  It was a challenge when it was the time for girls to try industrial arts where activities are known to be for the boys and that includes most carpentry works.

We were taught about using the hammer, the chisel and the saw.  It was too hard for me to get the feel of using the handsaw.  It always felt the blades are dull and had made me thought they needed saw blade sharpening.  I was always told it is not the blade but the way I use and hold the hand saw.  The second half of the year ended without me knowing how to use it.  I do not even remember what grade I got from it.

Today, these carpentry tools are easier to use with the many innovations made available.  I am still interested to know more.  😀

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2 thoughts on “Home Economics and Industrial Arts

  1. nakupu. may gustong mag take over sa tool shed. 🙂 ganyan din kami noon, fourth year high school. nagpalitan kami ng boys sa HE at carpentry. nandaya kami. ginawa namin ang homework ng boys, at sila sa amin. solb! 🙂


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